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March record released, Updated 2014-01-01

At the New Year's Conert the day before New Years Eve was the new march record "We 'love' marches" released. Order the record and other RSwNCB merchandise here!

RSwNCB to Switzerland, Updated 2013-03-09

RSwNCB will go to Switzerland this summer to participate in the Zurich Tattoo between 9th and 15th of July. Read more here!
Welcome to Switzerland!

Concert Programme updated, Updated 2012-07-27

The Concert programme has been updated with information about coming concerts and gigs 2012. Among the information added is the Anniversary concert in November when Phillip Anderson from the Roayl Australian Navy Band is visiting Karlskrona to conduct during the anniversary concert. Read more here!
Welcome to see RSwNCB in Spain or Sweden in 2012!

Summer concerts in Old Town in Stockholm, Updated 2012-05-17

The Royal Swedish Navy Cadet Band will during the two periods of Changing of Royal Guards ceremonies at the Royal City Castle in Stockholm give two concerts on the Main Square (Stortorget) in Old Town (Gamla Stan). First occurrence is on Friday 22nd of June 6 pm and the second occasion is on Saturday 14th of July at 6 pm. The concerts lasts about 1 hour and are free!
Welcome to the Main Square in the Old Town of Stockholm during the summer of 2012!

RSwNCB will do six Changing of Royal Guards ceremonies, Updated 2012-02-12

The Royal Swedish Navy Cadet Band will do three Changing of Royal Guards ceremonies at the Royal City Castle in Stockholm on the 22nd - 24th of June and another three on the 13th - 15th of July.
Welcome to Stockholm during the summer of 2012!

RSwNCB performed in the US - played for millions, Updated 2012-02-12

After 1-1 ½ days of travelling, the Royal Swedish Navy Cadet Band, RSwNCB, arrived in Los Angeles on the evening of December 25th. The RSwNCB stayed in the same hotel as two other bands who also participated in The Rose Parade; Needham B. Broughton High School Band and Siloam Springs High School Band. They were both significantly larger than RSwNCB with about 200 members.

One of the first days in California, the RSwNCB visited Citrus College in Glendora, a college with a well known reputation and who has been engaged in musical education for decades. The RSwNCB participated in a musical workshop and was directed by Robert Slack and Bill Hoehne. Robert Slack is a well known trumpet player who is frequently engaged in film productions, and has amongst others played with Paul Anka, Celine Dion, Ella Fitzgerald and Whitney Houston. Bill Hoehne is a professor of woodwinds and percussion at Citrus College, and he has played amongst others with Sammy Davis Jr. and The Temptations.

The RSwNCB visited Disneyland on two occasions. The first visit was mainly spent at the recording studio at Disney's Toontown. There the RSwNCB got the oppurtunity to record music from a few pieces from famous Disney films, such as The Lion King and The Polar Express, under the direction of conductor Tom Griffin. He is known from Broadway and has won several awards for his musical direction. At the second visit to Disneyland the Band participated in the parade which goes through the park, along with other bands participating in The Rose Parade.

On New Year's Eve there was a show called "Bandfest", an event at Robinson Stadium, Pasadena City College, where all the bands from the Rose Parade participated. This event was filmed and shared with rest of the world as a 'web cast'. When the arena was filled with the tunes of Dancing Queen, the 6000 people in the audience went crazy! With cheers, shouts, shrieks and stomping feet, they showed their appreciation for the RSwNCB.

Early in the morning on Monday the 2nd of January, RSwNCB arrived in Pasadena east of Los Angeles for The Rose Parade, which began at 08:00. RSwNCB went out as number 20 out of 91 entries and right before the Presidential float. It is considered an honor to go out as early as possible. The parade consists of marching bands, horses, a few decorated cars and so-called 'floats' which are carriages decorated with flowers and seeds. Everything that the carriages are decorated with must be recyclable. Out of a total of 22 bands it was only four bands that did not have a single member giving up along the parade route. RSwNCB was one of these four! The cheer of the crowds helped RSwNCB during the entire parade to perform its very best. Dancing Queen was particularly appreciated and the crowd went wild everytime it was played. The parade was broadcasted live and was seen by hundreds of millions TV viewers around the world in the Americas, Asia and Australia. This in addition to the million on the spot in Pasadena, counts for the RSwNCB's biggest audience ever.

RSwNCB's last appearance during the trip was on January 3rd at Universal Studios in Hollywood. There, RSwNCB had a seated concert which went really well. RSwNCB played a lot of ABBA and the percussionists performed their drum salute which was much appreciated. Parts of the two other bands from the hotel came to see the concert and they were especially impressed by the RSwNCB's percussionists and expressed a wish to go to Sweden to "drum camp".

There are several videos on Youtube from the tour. One from The Rose Parade, can be viewed here!

The band visited German Tattoo, Updated 2011-11-10

The band visited Berlin during the 4th - 6th of November. Berlin is the 12th German city the band has visited during the last two years. The permormance in the Max-Schmelling-Halle was very successful! See the performance here!

New album planned for 2012, Updated 2011-11-10

After many requests from different sources when RSwNCB will release its next album; we can proudly present that it will hopefully be released during the summer of 2012.

Avanti per Patria on Swedish radio, Updated 2011-11-10

During the past days have te Swedish radio audince had the opportunity to listen to a couple of tracks from the albun Avanti per Patria in the radiostation P2 and in the 'Melody Crossword' in radio P4.

The band played in Halland, Updated 2011-08-09

The band played at Tall ship races in Halmstad. During the tour the band performed two figurative marching displays, four concerts and a Tapto. The band also performed in Varberg at the closing ceremony of the Nordic Cadet Meeting, NOCA, with parade, fanfares and concert. See short movie from the opening ceremony of the Tall ship races here!

RSwNCB in Stockholm, Updated 2011-08-03

During three days the band performed at three changing of the Royal Guards ceremonies, held concerts at the Royal City Castle and main Square i Old Town, played at a welcome ceremony for the Army inspector of Canada and performed the Swedish Army Tapto at Kastellholmen.

Band at Swedish Tattoo , Updated 2011-05-22

17 000 happy spectators could see the band perform at Swedish International Tattoo in Malmö. See the band's figurative display here!

Band returns to Internationale Musikparade, Updated 2011-02-02

For the sixth time in three years, the band tours Germany to participate at a military Tattoo. The 11th-13th of march the Internationale Musikparade visits Schwerin, Rostock och Cottbus.

Band to Pasadena and the Rose Parade, Updated 2011-02-07

The band is honoured to have been invited to Pasadena, Los Angeles and the annual Rose Parade. On new year 2012, the Band will travel to Pasadena and play for the millions in the audience and on international television. For more information, please refer to the hompage of the Parade: www.tournamentofroses.com

Apply for the Winter School of Music, Updated 2010-10-11

The Royal Swedish Navy Band is going to host its annual course "the Winter school of music". Young musicians are invited to participate! Apply using the form (in Swedish) found here.

RSwNCB to play in Birmingham, Updated 2010-10-07

The Royal Swedish Navy Band has been invited to play at the large musical show of Birmingham Tattoo. The show starts on November 25th.

See the RSwNCB in Karlskrona the 8th of August!, 2010-07-19

The Royal Swedish Navy Band will play at the Swedish Navy Day in Karlskrona on the 14th of August. The Navy Day has been co-ordinated with the famous Sail festival of Karlskrona for this year. The schedule for the day will be announced at a later date.

RSwNCB to Play at the Royal Wedding, 2010-05-22

The Royal Swedish Navy Band has been requested for playing at the upcoming royal wedding. The Band will play for the newly-wed couple as they pass the Djurgårdsbron in the capital Stockholm.

RSwNCB to the Swedish Festival for Wind Music, 2010-05-05


RSwNCB to tour Germany, 2010-01-09

The RSwNCB will play att a German touring tattoo. Frankfurt, Erfurt, Stuttgart and Munich will be visited between 18-21 March. More information can be found on the concert page and on the arrangers site, http://www.musikparade.com/.

The Winter School of Music in Karlskrona, 2009-10-03

The RSwNCB will hold a course in Karlskrona, the Winter School of Music, this december.

RSwNCB records tracks at BTH in Carlshamn, 2009-09-15

This weekend, the Band went into the studio and recorded an additional five tracks for the upcoming record. The tracks were recorded at the studio of the Blekinge Institute of Technology, Carlshamn. The band was conducted by Jörgen Flink. The record is expected to be ready for sale in the autumn. More information on the record can be found here. So far, the following tracks have been recorded:

Fladdrande Fanor
Avanti per Patria
Army of the Nile
Vår Flotta
Svea Livgardes defileringsmarsch
Hoch und Deutschmeister
Anchors Aweigh
Svea Livgardes marsch
Preußens Gloria

RSwNCB carries out changing of the Royal Guards, 2009-08-30

The Band is home again from the capital where three parades through the city, each with a figurative show, have been carried out. The band also gave a concert in the main square of the Old Town part of the capital Stockholm.

RSwNCB launches new website, 2009-07-13

he webpage of the Band has received a new layout. Although functionally quite similar to the old page, the new one has a few additional function such as a media.

Band to play triple at the Changing of the Royal, 2009-05-11

Following succesful inspection of the Band by Director of Music Olle Hermansen at the Armed Forces Music Centre, The RSwNCB have been approved for the Changing of the Guards. For the first time in Swedish history, a youth band has been given the honour of performing this prestigious duty. The Band will conduct the Changing on the 28th, 27th and 30th of August.


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