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Concert program 2014

2014-04-26: City March, Karlskrona

Saturday the 26th of April will the Royal Swedish Navy Cadet Band do a city march in Karlskrona.
Welcome to see us in the streets of Karlskrona!

2014-08-16: Naval Base Day, Karlskrona

RSwNCB will participate in the celebration of the Naval Base Day in Karlskrona on Saturday, August 16 .

RSwNCB: Previous conserts and performances

2014-03-28 - 30: Music Parade in Dresden, Berlin and Hannover - Figurative program

In late March, did the band participate in a long awaited tour to Germany and the cities of Dresden, Berlin and Hanover in Europe's' biggest tour for Brass and military music "Musikparade". Four shows in packed arenas with joyful Germans!
Read about Musikparade here .

2014-03-09: Spring Concert with conductor Graham O Jones - Concert

Sunday, March 9 gave the RSwNCB a spring concert in Karlskrona, conducted by Graham O Jones. This was a concert when the different instrument groups were highlighted and solists from the orchestra got the oppurtinutity to show their talents. A Graham is a highly reputed and known personality in the military music world. He conducted Zürich Tattoo as RSwNCB participated in the summer of 2013.
Read about Graham here .

2013-12-30: New Years Concert with Winter music school - Concert

The day before New Year's Eve RSwNCB held along with visiting Winter Music School students and Sven-Bertil Taube, a highly appreciated New Year's Concert at the Concert Hall in Karlskrona with Lars Kvensler conducting. Lars Kvensler is known as the conductor of the orchestra at Liseberg in Göteborg (Gothenburg) who normally plays the violin at the Gothenburg Opera. In 2013, he was also involved in the production of the popular series "Molander" on Swedish Television Broadcasting Company.

Sven-Bertil really gave of himself and entertained with anecdotes, singing and guitar playing. This concert is amazing proof of how music can unite people across many generations, not least when Amelia Hjortenhammar, a trombonist in the band, got the opportunity to sing a duet with Sven-Bertil named "Rosas Bal".

The concert was organized in collaboration with the Lions Club Jarramas in Karlskrona.

2013-11-24: Autumn consert in Malmö, Sweden - Concert

On Sunday 24th November gilded the band Malmö with a Fall Concert in Rosenbergsalen at Malmö Academy of Music. A very enthusiastic audience got to see amazing performances by Simon Oskarsson on vocals and clarinetist Linda Johansson. Artists we will certainly see more of in the future! Along with Liselotte Hjortenhammar conducted our friend's Australian Phillip Anderson, the former music director for Royal Australian Navy Band . A awaited return when he was visiting us and directed the 10th Year Anniversary concert last fall.
Download the concert program in Swedish here.

2013-07-19 - 22: Changing of Royal Guards at the Royal City Palace & Summer Concert in Stockholm, Sweden

On four occasions during July did RSwNCB perform the Changing of the Royal Guards at the Royal City Castle in Stockholm Sweden. A summer concert were also held on the Main Square in the Old Town in wonderful summer weather.
Information about the Royal Guards from the Swedish Armed Forces here!

2013-07-09 - 13: Zurich Tattoo, Switzerland - Figurative program

RSwNCB had the great pleasure to attend the Zürich Tattoo along with marching bands from Singapore, England, Mexico, Jordan and Switzerland. The band did two parades in downtown Zürich, a seated concert and five performances at Liguster Oerlikon stadium that normally is a large school yard into a fine old school. The show was seen by about 12 000 people and thousands more people got the chance to see RSwNCB do their best both in the parades and the concert downtown Zürich.
Information about the tattoo can be found here!
A film is availale on our YouTube channel showing the figurative program performed at Zürich Tattoo. View it here.

2013-06-21 - 23: Changing of Guards at the Royal City Palace in Stockholm, Sweden & Summer Concert

Summer's first three högvakter and evening concert are now complete, with verve.

The figurative program performed on the Outer Courtyard on Sunday 23rd of June can be viewed on the Youtube Channel here.

If you prefer to watch the entire Changing of Guards cermony it is available here.

On Saturday evening 22nd of June RSwNCB played a summer concert at the Main Square in the Old Town under optimal weather conditions and for a very enthusiastic audience.
A playlist with all 15 played pieces from the summer concert is available here.

2013-05-18: Parade through Västerås, Sweden at the "musikRUM" festival

RSwNCB began the outdoor season for 2013 with a parade at musikRUM festival(Association of Young Musicians) in Västerås, Sweden on Saturday 18th May in glorious sunshine and summer temperatures. The corps went first in the parade that wound its way through central Västerås, starting and ending at Fiskaretorget. The parade route can be seen on this map.

Watch a film from the parade on YouTube here..

2013-03-02: Gothenburg Tattoo, Lisebergshallen, Gothenburg - Figurative program

RSwNCB participated in Gothenburg Tattoo in Lisebergshallen in Gothenburg on Saturday the 2nd of March. This tattoo was arranged by Göteborg Drum Corps and all participating bands were youth bands.

Watch the performance on YouTube here.

2012-12-30: New Year's Concert in Sparresalen, Karlskrona, Sweden

The New Year's Concert was held on Sunday, December 30 ending of the Winter Music School, which this year was attended by 25 young people in addition to the approximately 45 RSwNCB-ers who attended. Conductor was Lars Kvensler which among other things is known as the conductor of the orchestra of Liseberg and who normally plays the violin at the Gothenburg Opera. Lars was the violin soloist in the piece "Theme from Schindler's List". Soloist was also clarinetist Christophe Liabäck. RSwNCB's own Ludwig Hjortenhammar's newly composed suite Sequoia was premierd at the concert.

Wath the playslist New Year's Concert Winter Music School 30th of December 2012 on YouTube!

2012-11-11: RSwNCB 10 years - Anniversary concert at Konserthuset, Karlskrona, Sweden

RSwNCB celebrated 10 years as a band with a concert together with the Royal Swedish Navy Band in Karlskrona on Sunday, November 11. The Concert Hall was almost full and this was the best concert ever so far!
Conductor was Phillip Anderson from Australia and known from Roayl Australian Navy Band..

Wath the playslist 10th Anniversary Concert on YouTube!

2012-09-08: Hvetlanda squadron Annual General Inspection in Vetlanda, Sweden

RSwNCB participated in Hvetlanda squadron Annual General Inspection, which is a memorial in the town square and at the squadron memorial in 'Apoteksparken' in Vetlanda. Inspecting General was Brigadier General Lennart Bengtsson.
They also played in Alseda church outside Vetlanda in the afternoon. Soloists on the concert were Rebecca Lundin and Dan Silfwerin who sang two songs each accompanied by RSwNCB.

Wath the playslist Vetlanda and Alseda, Sweden 8th of September 2012 on YouTube!

2012-08-21 - 25: Music festival in Torrevieja, Spain

The Royal Swedish Navy Cadet Band has made a much appreciated visit to the "X Festival Internacional Banda de Musica" in Torrevieja, Spain. There was a concert with standing ovations in the new concert hall of Torrevieja with conductor Nils-Gunnar Burlin and a figurative ahow at a "mini tattoo" together with Torreveijas band "Los Salerosos" and the Italian band "La Frustica".
A link to the Spanish home page of the music festival can be found here and the 24 pages program leaflet in Spanish can be read here.
Information in English can be read here!
Links to films on RSwNCb's YouTube-channel here: City March of Torrevieja, Consert in Torrevieja, Tattoo performance and Massband on the tattoo.
Another film from YouTube here.

2012-08-16 - 17: Changing of Royal Guards and Parade in Stockholm, Sweden

At two extra occasions did the Roayl Swedish Navy Cadet Band lead the Royal Guards through the streets of Stockholm City to the Royal Castle and performed a concert at the Royal Courtyard.
Information about the Royal Guards from the Swedish Armed Forces here!

2012-08-08 - 11: Eksjö International Tattoo in Eksjö, Sweden

For the third time did RSwNCB visit the wooden city of Eksjö, Sweden and the international tattoo. In addition to the highly acclaimed program accompanied the corps Jill Svensson from Swedish Talent show with "Gabriella's Song '. There were four performances and one dress rehearsal in the town square at the tattoo. The corps gave well-attended concerts in Nässjö and Eksjö church when Nils-Gunnar Burlin directed. On the Saturday, the Corps had the great honor to carry out the parade through the streets of Eksjö with a short free concert in glorious sunshine at the town square in an arena that was nearly filled.
Watch YouTube films here: Concert at the City March, Tattoo Performance and Massband Performance.

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The RSwNCB in parade

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