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Rose Parade 2012

The Tournament of Roses Parade, is the world's premier community showcase featuring bands, equestrian units, and elaborate organically designed floats.

2012 is the 123rd year for the Tournament of Roses Parade.
To celebrate California's mild winter climate, the Tournament's founders and Valley Hunt Club members, Dr. Francis Rowland and Prof. Charles Holder, created a floral festival in 1890 patterned after the "Battle of the Flowers" in Nice, France.
It was initially a modest procession of flower-covered carriages with afternoon "games" including foot races, tug-of-war contests and sack races.

The parade will be viewed by over one million people along the 6 miles long parade route and has the world's largest TV audience second only to the World Cup shown every four years.

The Tournament of Roses Association is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization and is headquartered in the Wrigley estate in Pasadena, California. The ToR Association selects 15 bands out of hundreds of applications. What makes this specially honourable for the Royal Swedish Navy Cadet Band is that the Band never applied, the ToR Association contacted RSwNCB!

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