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Johan Förberg

Johan Förberg

First Drummer

The First Drummer or flaggtrumslagare leads the band during parades and tattoos.

The first drummer does not carry a drum; the title is better understood as the leader of the drummers (and as such of the band). The sign of command of the first drummer is the ceremonial mace or stav, altough by tradition, an ornate drum strap is carried across the shoulder as well.

First Drummer group

Since spring 2012, a group of four First Drummers alternate on the task to lead the band in parade and marching exercise. Max Sjöberg-Fritz, Tomas Ohlsson, Anthon Haväng and Theodor Hjortenhammar are the current members of the First Drummer group. All the other members play their instruments in the band while one in the group is selected to perform as the First Drummer.


Previous first drummers in the RSwNCB:

  • Johan Förberg 2011
  • Kristoffer Linder 2011
  • Johan Welander 2004-2005, 2009
  • Martin Arpåker 2008
  • John Sigurdsson 2006-2007
  • Niklas Holtne 2002-2004

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